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Connecting the dots for meaningful AI governance

By Ayisha Piotti | October 2020 | Article

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers enormous opportunity across a vast array of sectors: healthcare, food safety, energy conservation, transportation, and the list goes on. AI systems can also be applied to a variety of business processes such as HR, consumer engagement, manufacturing, and sales to drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.


AI Governance: The Business Perspective

By Ayisha Piotti | June 2020 | Events

On 24th June, 2020 RegHorizon organised a virtual workshop at United Nations WSIS Forum 2020, the world’s largest gathering of ICT for the development community. The aim was to explore the latest on AI & Governance, in particular in the EU & evaluate the needs from a business perspective.


Influencing Science Fiction? How?

By Ayisha Piotti | February 2020 | Events

I open the paper to read about tiny living robots made from frog cells that can potentially swim in our arteries to scrape out plaque. Its cited as a great example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being successfully used to create “novel living machines” to help us.  I am reminded of a scary science fiction movie when the article mentions how these robots, when sliced up, can stitch themselves back and continue moving!