We help you to optimize your stakeholder outreach by providing actionable advice, cutting edge tools and executive training programs



As a successful leader you work relentlessly to position your company for the future. We help you gain actionable insights, develop and execute regulatory strategy to address risks and shape the future you need. We assist you to:

  • Identify regulatory trends and understand implications of policy developments to manage risks and seize opportunities 
  • Outline the optimal policy solutions in line with your strategic goals 
  • Develop the action plan and roadmap to achieve those policy objectives
  • Incorporate your views in industry specific policy initiatives
  • Optimize your stakeholder outreach with relevant global and regional decisionmakers, industries, academics and other influencers to achieve your strategic goals.


Build partnerships with industry experts, global and regional decisionmakers, academics and other influencers to construct policy solutions in line with business and societal expectations.



Successful business cultivates a system that creates continuous opportunities for building skills and knowledge.

Sharpen your executives’ ability  to develop and strengthen external partnerships  to  shape the future you want. 

Acquire policy management tools, predict trends and optimize your stakeholder outreach.

Our customized executive programs are co-created with you to ensure that the content, learning experience and case studies are exactly right for your needs.


Keeping a pulse on external developments is key to organizational success. Share and hear the latest on cutting edge policy developments in emerging fields.

Exchange views as  part of our international institutional, business and academic network  through our workshops and events.



We believe passion is key for success.

We are passionate about harnessing technological opportunities to deliver
impact & growth in an ethical way.


Building bridges among interests of businesses, governments and society is important to us.

We believe that for the best results we need to work together with all those concerned to build trust and deliver win win solutions.


We believe in concrete solutions and results, working with visionaries who deliver.


Over 40 years of combined experience in General Management, Business Development, Regulatory Policy, Government Relations & Project Management- at Local Regional & Global Level. Passion for building bridges between needs of Governments, Companies & Society at large, with focus on emerging issues.

Sanja Fabrio

Ayisha Piotti

David Butler

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