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Risks & Opportunities in AI | Women in STEM

By RegHorizon Team | February 2023 | Events

Ayisha Piotti shared her insights on the latest regulatory developments in AI, including the EU AI act with the Women’s International Network (WIN).

Discussing women in STEM, Ayisha highlights the importance of women from all different walks of life (academics, ethicists, technologists, entrepreneurs) to get involved in the debate on AI and help build trust in this technology.


Metaverse Safety Week

By RegHorizon Team | December 2022 | Events

The Metaverse promises to bring new levels of social connection, mobility, and collaboration to the world of virtual work. Are the promises empty, or are organizations changing how they work as a result of the Metaverse?

RegHorizon was delighted to have Ayisha Piotti take part in the Metaverse Safety Week’s engaging panel discussion on “Welcome to the Corporate Metaverse: How Organizations are Changing their Work”


Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance

By RegHorizon Team | November 2022 | Events

Our Managing Partner, Ayisha Piotti, co-led a fascinating discussion on AI and other Emerging Technologies during the summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance, which took place in Malta.

It was a great opportunity to exchange views on digital diplomacy and governance with global leaders including Ministers, Ambassadors and the President of Switzerland.


AI Policy Summit 2022 Speakers presentations

By RegHorizon Team | November 2022 | Downloads

We have collected and compiled all of the 2022 speakers presentations for you in a single folder.

Click below to read and download presentations!



AI Expo Africa 2022

By RegHorizon Team | September 2022 | Events

Ayisha Piotti was part of the Main Speaking Programme during AI Expo Africa 2022, which took place in South Africa 19-20 September, 2022.

During her keynote address, Ayisha shared the Global and Swiss Approach to AI Policy for Bussiness within Innovation & Strategy Track.


Making AI Regulation Strategic for Business

By RegHorizon Team | November 2021 | Podcast

Ayisha shared relevant takeaways from RegHorizon’s 2nd AI Policy Conference and discussed a few “Tricks and Tips” on how small companies and startups can get actively involved in the policy debate to build a competitive advantage!

Tune in to hear Ayisha share her views during the GDPR Now! podcast on building the bridge with the UK on strategic developments in AI Policy.


Innovation through Policy

By Ayisha Piotti | January 2021 | Article

How can we maximize the promise of new technologies, promote innovation and at the same time ensure that we are confident about the future we are shaping for our children?
It is becoming evident that regulatory frameworks need to be put in place that protect citizens, create certainty for investors and build trust to help adoption of new frontier technologies. 


AI Policy Conference 2020 Summary Publication

By RegHorizon Team | November 2020 | Downloads

AI Policy Conference 2020 Summary Publication is available for download.

Click the link below to get FREE access to file.


Connecting the dots for meaningful AI governance

By Ayisha Piotti | October 2020 | Article

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers enormous opportunity across a vast array of sectors: healthcare, food safety, energy conservation, transportation, and the list goes on. AI systems can also be applied to a variety of business processes such as HR, consumer engagement, manufacturing, and sales to drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.


AI Governance: The Business Perspective

By Ayisha Piotti | June 2020 | Events

On 24th June, 2020 RegHorizon organised a virtual workshop at United Nations WSIS Forum 2020, the world’s largest gathering of ICT for the development community. The aim was to explore the latest on AI & Governance, in particular in the EU & evaluate the needs from a business perspective.


Influencing Science Fiction? How?

By Ayisha Piotti | February 2020 | Article

I open the paper to read about tiny living robots made from frog cells that can potentially swim in our arteries to scrape out plaque. Its cited as a great example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being successfully used to create “novel living machines” to help us.  I am reminded of a scary science fiction movie when the article mentions how these robots, when sliced up, can stitch themselves back and continue moving!



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